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Cheep Cheep Meow

Share Your Babies!

One of them is an Adventure Chick and runs all around and about peeping at the top of its voice. I have decided this one is a female and named her Hime. Her sibling doesn’t look as good, and he continues to huddle in the towel cave and shake. Don’t have a pet name for him, yet.

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The video mom sent when she asked me to come pick them up.

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The babies, in their magical heating pad-heated palace of towels.

They’re Gambel’s quail that were brought into the office at my mom’s resort, and I’m just keeping them warm before taking them to the professionals, since raising them myself would be unethical and illegal.

If you find a baby bird, and are absolutely certain it’s been abandoned, the biggest thing is keeping it warm.  You can use a hot water bottle, a heating pad on medium-low, or even a cloth warmed in the microwave to wrap them up in.  Don’t worry about food and water, since you’re likely to give them something that isn’t good for them!  Just try to get in touch with someone licensed to care for wild bird chicks as soon as possible.

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Humane society kittens!

There were nine, all from the same litter, by the time I got there… who knows how many more the mother had!?

And they were all heartbreakingly social and playful and tiny.  The orange tabby had the perfectly round kitten belly and a black female I called F(x) because of the code digits on her collar wouldn’t leave my side the whole visit, crawling into my lap.

Zoe at the vet’s!
She’s going to write herself a prescription.

Zoe at the vet’s!

She’s going to write herself a prescription.

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Baby fuzz.

Baby fuzz.

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Yes hello, I am a mean person who puts little dogs on refrigerators.

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My darling pepper tree, who prompty lost every last leaf.

I’ve since shorn it down and tiny new leaves are coming in at the nodes.

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Magnolia Bird Farm

On the way home we stopped at the big Magnolia Bird Farm and I asked if they had Featherific. The clerk called over an associate who gave me quite the talking to on diet, sunlight, etc.

She told me pellets are actually not a good choice for birds, and that most seed mixes are full of trashy fillers but that parrots actually do better on a high quality seed mix and fresh vegetables, not pellets. I got a kabob for fresh veggies and a seed mix which she also told me how to ensure Vesper ate all of it and not just the tastiest seeds. 

Vesper’s biting had been getting worse and worse, and the third day Phantom was here Vesper abruptly began attacking him seemingly out of nowhere. I mentioned biting, and the woman said she could fix that in about a minute.  She scooped Vesper off my shoulder and told me some things I thought I had known about dominance and confidence, the biggest one being keeping the parrot on your wrist, not shoulder.

That was about five hours ago and Vesper hasn’t bitten either of us since.

I am convinced she was a witch doctor.

In the big aviaries we spent some time sighing dreamily over the exotic finches and adorable quail, and I purchased a pair of African silverbills, a species I have wanted and have researched for some time now. I can’t get over how minuscule they are, and what a delicate shade of buff their breasts are.  They make Vesper look like a gosh darned T-rex.

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